How exactly to Stay Motivated in Miniature Painting and War Gaming


In any hobby, I assume sometimes there’s always a high point and low point. Sometimes diamond painting webwinkel are feeling so motivated to go ahead with all the power, sometimes at days, everything seems so slow and low morale. Particularly when you see there so many more miniatures to paint. But if you believe of it on the positive side, it looks so amazing when it’s all completed.

You can find few ways usually I push and motivate myself in this hobby. The trick to this war gaming and miniature painting hobby is that it revolves around the cycle of modeling, painting and gaming. The cycle goes round and round to stay motivated.

If you have several games, after that you are all drive to paint more miniatures and explore different army list possibilities. For me, I really do have games once some time, all based on myself and my gaming buddies timing and commitment. Before and after the games, my mind is definitely taking into consideration the strategy of the game and how to improve the army list. It also leads to quick thinking can you really quickly assemble or paint up this or another new unit, in order that it can shine in the coming battle. Sometimes, in games, we always joke that, wa, this unit isn’t painted, that’s why it lost the fight.

When I paint, I really do revolve around different game themes to paint. Its like, I’m in the mood to paint the Vampire Army, once its done or halfway, sometimes you are feeling bored about any of it. Then usually I’ll switch to some other army to paint, like Imperial Guards Cadian or any other army you are collecting. It can help to keep the drive ongoing.

Another motivating way is also to read Black Library novels. Especially after reading those novel, wa, you really feel like painting or have an excellent game. I still recall reading the Black Library novel “Eisenhorn”, from then on the inspiration is indeed great, that I needed to paint more and play a game. In addition, it made me love my Inquisition and Demonhunters more. Other reading materials like the monthly White Dwarf also serves as another factor of motivation. But I do believe that White Dwarf motivation is more of to lure you to buy more miniatures and collect more.

You can find PC games like Dawn of War I & II and Warhammer Online, wow, watching those games trailers also drives up the motivation level. For me personally, its not so much of playing the PC games, but watching the overall game trailer really motivates me a lot. I can clearing picture the Dawn of war I trailer, where in fact the Space Marine Commander shouted, “CHARGE!” and the Orks roaring! So inspired to start painting and have an excellent game!

Well, this hobby we all love, once started we should be committed to it. Sometimes we do lose our vibes, we should always remind ourselves our commitment to it, in order that all the time, effort and money spent is not all wasted.

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