Get that Trucking Job: Be Competitive in a Tough Transportation Job Market


Whether you’ve been a long haul reefer driver or carrying LTL freight from the local warehouse to a department store, you’re a professional driver. Highlight your safety record, your ability to learn and adapt quickly, and even the way you can back a 53’ trailer around a 90 degree turn into a yard wrapped in chain link fence without plowing down the neighbor’s new dogwood.

Don’t be shy about including million mile club certificates, safety awards, letters of commendation, etc.

Don’t forget any certifications for other training like mechanic work. Companies want to know that when you call in with a problem, you have some real idea what’s going on.

Clean Up Your Driving Record

According to Victor Mathis, recruiter for J B Hunt, Lowell, AR, Hunt allows one major violation (10 mph over speed limit, for example) in two years. Anything more than that, they look at individually. Swift Transportation recruiter, Chuck Davis, said they want no more than two moving violations in the past two years, while Roland, a recruiter for Heartland Express may accept up to four in the last three years.


What constitutes a moving violation? Obvious transgressions are speeding or blowing through a red light. But also considered are less obvious sins like jumping a scale or being overweight (that’s the load, not the driver!) Each company sets its own standards, so talk to each and find out. cek biaya ongkir

What to do if you already have too many? If you have a pending citation, don’t plead guilty just yet. Many times, the district attorney (or whomever the concerned party might be) will be willing to work with you to keep your record clean. Take the time to appear before the judge/DA/whomever. Tell them you know you made a mistake, but you really need to keep your record clean. Promise to behave and pay the fine. They may be able to keep it off your record.

In some jurisdictions, you’ll need to stay clean for the next few months, then show up again. This time, take a new copy of your motor vehicle record with you to show that you’ve walked the strait and narrow. With that, they’ll remove the recent blemish.

Meet the management.

If at all possible, get in there in person and shake some hands. Recruiters get hundreds of applications for every job opening. Going that extra mile (or 150 miles) to meet and greet makes a lasting impression. A warm, genuine smile, firm hand shake, direct eye contact, and friendly, competent demeanor will help form an image of success. You can’t do this to every company, especially if they’re in another state. But any personal contact you can make – even a quick, polite phone call – will make a difference.

Until the economy rebounds, jobs are going to be difficult to find at best. Show off your best qualifications, clean up your driving record and give the management a reason to remember you. You’ll be miles ahead of the pack.


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