Deliveree: The Best Logistics Provider in South East Asia


Deliveree is a company based in South East Asia that provides premium full transportation services. According to the company delivers cargos, goods, and merchandise in countries like Indonesia. Deliveree offers satisfying services with the help of highly-skilled, qualified, trained drivers who are trustworthy.

This logistics company has a fleet of vehicles that facilitates the movement of goods from the markets to end destinations. The vehicles include Tronton Wing, Tronton Box, Fuso Berat, Fuso Ringan, Double Engkel, Engkel Box, Box Kecil, Pickup Kecil, Van, and Ekonomi. These vehicles have maximum space designed for specific goods. For instance, the states that Tronton Wing can accommodate goods worth 18000 kg.

Deliveree provides delivery services anywhere in Indonesia regardless of the distance. There are no limitations as they transport both long and short-distance merchandise. However, they have precise pick-up points since they collect goods from specific cities.

Deliveree has a segment for videos, newsroom, and Blogspot which provides more information on their services. In their videos, one can see how they help businesses transport their goods. While their Blogspot provides additional information about their services. Through their newsroom, one can get information on present news and press releases about the company.

Tom Kim, the chief executive officer of Delivery states that they are always thorough when selecting their workforce. Unlike other colleges, they offer few admissions for drivers seeking admission to their college. Due to that, many have named it the best fleet trained market. However, in spite of the competition Deliveree is getting from Ride-hailing apps, they are not anxious.

Deliveree believes that despite other companies like Uber offering parcel services, they are still indomitable. The likes of Uber and Grab offer services that are far from the requirements of logistics. Their delivery charges are quite cheap as they are 10 times less than the standard price.

Ride-hailing apps also have insecurity concerns. The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board in the Philippines prohibited ride-hailing app deliveries without passengers. The reason being cases of drug trafficking. Hence there is a probability other country will implement the same rule.

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