Conserve Vitality – Use a Chimney Balloon to End Warmth Escaping Up the Chimney

Uncategorized gives a price-effective way to avert warm air escaping up your chimney as well as the chilly air coming down into your residence. Chimneys function really nicely when you have a beautiful fireplace burning in your residence and do a fantastic job of eliminating the smoke. Nonetheless, your chimney will have on doing work in exactly the very same way when your fire is not lit, that means that draughts can be a problem, which results in greater heating charges.

Why use a chimney balloon?

If you might be nevertheless not positive that it is appropriate for you, then consider some of the alternate options:

Blocking your chimney on the within – time consuming and can trigger damp
Sealing the flue from the outside the house – costly and stops you utilizing your fire
A typical balloon will possibly burst or deflate extremely rapidly

A little expenditure in a chimney balloon eliminates all of these issues, is really price-successful and will keep in place for years if you want it to. They are made from a skinny and versatile material which is designed to be robust so that it will not likely perish although put in your chimney.

Chimney balloon positive aspects

Installing this easy but effective solution in your residence will deliver a variety of positive aspects, some of which are detailed below:

Help save income on your fuel expenses as less warmth escapes
A cleaner hearth frees up your time to do other factors
Minimizes sounds getting into your residence
Stops uncomfortable draughts coming down your chimney
A long lasting, reusable and affordable way to preserve your house comfortable

How do chimney balloons perform?

Every balloon comes with its personal hand grip and should be inserted roughly a foot inside your chimney. You then merely open up the faucet, inflate the chimney balloon until it grips the partitions of the flue and then when it really is totally inflated, shut the tap. Once fully inflated and in area, it will stop warm air from escaping, creating your home a lot more cozy and minimizing your heating costs.


For your chimney balloon to perform properly, it is crucial that you set up it appropriately. Below is a summary of the primary details to bear in thoughts:

Placement it 12-24 inches over the leading of your fire
Select a situation exactly where the walls are parallel
Position your balloon where the chimney is narrowest
Make certain you cannot see the handgrip in the fireplace
Ensure it matches effectively and will not shift about


The most crucial thing to mention is that you should in no way inflate your chimney balloon just before inserting it up your chimney. This will trigger damage to the balloon and will outcome in a inadequate in shape.

Right here is a action-by-step guidebook to inflating your chimney balloon:

Open up up the tap
Blow in a tiny sum of air to allow the balloon to consider form
Place the balloon in the chimney with the white label experiencing you
Totally inflate the balloon utilizing a bellows pump, mouth inflation tube or handgrip extension

As soon as you’ve completely inflated your chimney balloon, switch the tap off and make positive you take away any unit you have employed to help inflate it. Verify that it has remained in the appropriate situation and that it has not been in excess of inflated so that it is also limited. If you inflate the balloon with your warm breath, it may deal a minor as the air cools. This can result in the balloon to drop out of the chimney (often this transpires throughout the very first night). Leading up the air after a handful of several hours to avoid this.

Keep in mind to place your crimson “don’t forget” notice someplace distinguished so that you don’t light-weight your fireplace with the chimney balloon still in area. Check it 3 or four times a yr to make certain it is nevertheless correctly inflated and in place.

Removing your chimney balloon

When you want to take away your balloon from the chimney, you should stick to the methods beneath:

Open up the faucet on the handgrip and wait around for it to tumble from the chimney
Make positive the balloon is adequately deflated so that it does not scrape against the within of the chimney as you pull it out
Roll it up in newspaper or a plastic bag for storage
Don’t forget to eliminate the purple “keep in mind” label

If you try out the initial action and the chimney balloon doesn’t fall out, then you can take away some of the air inside of by very carefully urgent the handgrip from the inside of the chimney or if you are in a position to attain within, you can gently expel some air by pushing the sides of the balloon toward each and every other.


If you’re inserting and removing your chimney balloon frequently then it might become destroyed. Perforation can happen if the balloon has scraped against the inside of of the chimney wall. It is a simple job to restore any holes: basically clean the location about the damaged and use packing tape or sticky tape to seal it up.

Protecting against chimney moist

The design of the chimney balloon implies that a tiny quantity of air will even now be capable to move by in purchase to maintain the chimney ventilated and stop damp building up.

What takes place if you light-weight a fire?

If you fail to remember that you have the chimney balloon installed and mild a fire underneath it, the balloon will shrivel up and stop functioning which means the smoke and heat from the hearth will be in a position to escape as typical. Your chimney balloon is unlikely to go up in flames if it continues to be in placement but of program it could drop into the fireplace itself and start off to burn up.

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